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Random Reqage – Street art on show in Brighton and Hove – spray can art works in progress by Brighton street artist Req

2014-09-14 22.48.58A poor pun, I know, (random Reqage) since street artist Req’s work is far from wreckage, rather it is sublime. The pun is for one that got away just before my mobile battery died, the ship wreck painted on the west facing wall of the Toilet Block in front of Brighton’s Fortune of War. I think the absent ship wreck may be my favourite of this little collection, for the bold fluidity of composition, colour, tone and subject matter – hauntingly evocative of some half forgotten disaster.

2014-09-11 16.27.18Anyway, onto the pics below, of Req’s current works in progress – Scenes of Brighton beach and a famous painting displayed in Brighton Pavilion spray painted onto a temporary container/ toilet installed outside the Fortune of War in Brighton while the public toilets are being overhauled as part of the rejuvenation of this ‘artists quarter’ section of Brighton’s sea-front. And another site, on Upper Dyke Road above St Nicholas, on street corner utilities box, the Anima, beautifully painted and ever evolving as the idea is pursued. When last I met Req he had started painting using makeup, an interesting take on the search for beauty, and the unguarded moment. But all work below is spray can art.

2014-09-11 16.25.49 2014-09-11 16.27.18 2014-09-11 16.29.06 2014-09-14 22.48.58 2014-09-14 22.49.09

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