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Art Exhibition: Stink Like Dog – An Exhibition Of Etchings ** 9-28 Aug 2014 ** Art Schism, Brighton

“For me drawing really is like magic, you start off with a blank page, attack it with pens and by the time you’ve finished it’s anything but.” Etienne

Art Schism is proud to present Stink Like Dog in his second solo exhibition at Art Schism. He has been a friend with the gallery since the very beginning, and became an exhibiting artist after finishing a book he spent 17 years compiling. Stink Like Dog, real name Etienne, specialises in incredibly complex and detailed drawings, using basic materials like pen, ink and tip-ex to create his work.Sometimes political, always impressive, Etienne reveals that his work often takes on “a life of its own”. He said: “I have the key elements worked out and pretty much just make up the rest of it as I go along, which a lot of times reflects my mood/mindset at the time. I find if everything is worked out beforehand then it’s just drawing by numbers with no unexpected surprises.” His artistic influences mainly surround the 2000AD artists of the early 80s and others including Geoff Darrow, Ian Miller and Katsuhiro Otomo. All of which you can see reflected strongly in his pieces.

9-28 August 2014, Art Schism, Brighton

via EVENTS – art schism.

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