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Art Exhibition: Summer Exhibition 2014 ** Art5 Gallery, Brighton

The annual Summer Exhibition at Art5 is now under way, with a fantastic selection of new work by both new and resident artists filling the gallery with bright abstracts, sparkling floral scenes and exciting pop portraits!

Introducing Lisa Baines to the gallery, a ‘mysterious’ new addition to ART5 Gallery. Under the pseudonym of Lisa Baines, an internationally established and widely acclaimed artist creates free-flowing and experimental abstracts. The freedom this pseudonym provides means the artist can step up to a blank canvas and simply create!

Leila Godden is a welcome new addition to the gallery, with her series of seascapes and abstracts inspired by the transient nature of the changing light and weather surrounding the sea. She uses layers of acrylic in a limited palette to create a sense of harmony throughout her work.

A brand new collection by Steven Cobb is on display as part of Summer Exhibition 2014. His portraits of pop culture icons are expertly executed through his use of oil via an airbrush, which lends a sense of softness to these iconic images. Finished with a flocked glitter, Steven adds a dramatic dimension to his work.

Showcased in this exhibition are brand new collections from popular resident artists, such as Louise Brooks, Yvonne Coomber and Mary Rose Young.Celebrate summer by seeing this vibrant new exhibition!

via Summer Exhibition 2014 2 | Art5 Gallery.

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