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SAVING ONCA ** 8 days to go


Kickstarter update: Over £3,500 raised, £11,500 and eight days to go!

Please RT & help save @ONCAnetwork An amazing space for art & nature. Even a £1 would mean the world #kickstarter


Saving ONCA

As you will know by now we are in the midst of a vital fundraising campaign to save the ONCA gallery.

We are very proud and fortunate to have such a great ONCA network of supporters and advocates for what we do. We have had some great rewards donated for our backers from original artworks to one off creative experiences.

Thank you for all your encouragement and help so far. It is the first time we have done a Kickstarter campaign and we do need your help.

How can you help us?

We still need more backers, lots more backers to pledge and donate. And we only have 10 days to go to achieve our funding target. If we don’t reach the target total in full ONCA will not receive any of the money already donated. It’s all or nothing!

You can help us by spreading the word to your friends and colleagues in conversation, by emailing your networks and also online, if you use social media, by sharing the link to our campaign.

Help us share the campaign on Facebook – below is some example text you could post and by including an image your post will get noticed more:

Can art really make us feel differently about the world we live in?

If you think so, support our Kickstarter fundraising campaign for the ONCA Gallery, the only inner-city art space to learn about, engage with, and help safeguard the living world.

Retweet us on Twitter @ONCAnetwork or post your own tweet of support:

Please RT & help save @ONCAnetwork An amazing space for art & nature. Even a £1 would mean the world #kickstarter

Together we can get the word out and encourage people to support ONCA.



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