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Art exhibitions: LAST CHANCE TO SEE ** Feb – Mar 2014 ** Oxmarket, Chichester

Open Exhibition

17 February – 3 March
Open exhibition of painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, jewellery and crafts. Featuring work by:

Daphne Bessford
Georgia Butlin
Brian Castle
Gaye Clear
Jenny Davis
Katie Davis
Yvonne Dibble
Biddy Elkins
Susan W. Harper
Gareth Jones
Belinda Midgley
Fatima Pantoja
Barbara Shaw
Mal Simms
Glenis Taylor
Harry Taylor
Joyce Tinsley
Andy Thomas
Diana Underwood
Kerry M. Vaughan
Jean Wapshere
John Wapshere
Patsy Watney
P. W. Wharmby
Ronagh Wheeler
John Wyatt

Pauline Watts and Isabelle Bowden

Reflections & Eclectomania
18 February – 2 March

Pauline Watts

I studied Fine Art and have a Dip.A.D. from Bath Academy of Art, Corsham. I have worked mainly on commissioned pieces in equine and dog paintings and some portraiture. I am a member of the Society of Equine Artists.

Over the last two years I have been concentrating on my own work with an interest in the colour and form of the Sussex landscape and the plants and reflections in my garden, experimenting with a fusion of photography and mixed media. I continue with my interest in life-work at Piers Ottey’s studio at Ford.

Isabelle Bowden

Born in Paris. Studied at Art Schools but didn’t enjoy them at all and changed to private botanical painting tuition. Arrived in England in 1966, married and had four children. Three solo exhibitions in a gallery in Barnes. At the time I was working in inks and watercolours on handmade paper. I then continued working on commissions.

When I moved to Sussex I took on a new style. I used gouache and acrylic on wood. I then launched into trompes-l’oeil: doors, cupboards. Many commissions. I have a passion for objects and odd things I find when walking, jetsam and flotsam from the sea. I love woodland in the winter and use twigs, seedpods etc. My work is rather varied, going from pure fantasy to still life, with a bit of humour included.

Sally Wyatt

18 February – 2 March

‘Ausch-Vegas’ is a series of paintings and drawings which explore of the nature of tourism in the 21st century.

Sally Wyatt gained a First Class Degree in Fine Art at Winchester school of Art in 1987. She then went on to do an M.A at Reading University. Since then she has been producing paintings that usually focus around buildings and the emotional attachment that we have to them. In the last two years she has been living in North China where she was commissioned to do two community murals for an English School and in Poland where the ideas for the Aus Vegas show began.

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

18 February – 2 March

I’ve been painting for over 25 years, but in this exhibition I’ve married two traditional but unfashionable media – Painting & Sculpture. I’ve painted 3D objects that are recycled bric-a-brac. I paint colorful, naive & semi-abstract patterns, individualizing each with idiosyncratic structures in oil and acrylic.

Firstly I adhere to a formula of spraying the animals black to denote the menace of illegal hunting and industry of poaching therefore stripping the innate beauty of a tiger for example. I then cover them with pattern-work of colour and beauty as if to camouflage and “protect” leaving clues of their trails on the small furniture that I paint. My painterly interpretation is one that reflects on an ancient
order of millions of years of evolution, migration patterns, social patterns, body language patterns, communication patterns which humans have only just begun to recognize, opening Pandora’s Box of knowledge and wisdom. Perhaps it is human condition to take reckless action without knowledge such as the nature of criminal poaching for rhino horn for dubious medical purposes, endangering the very species which is so highly sought after. It’s in the DNA of every artist to explore issues of corruption and greed. The self destructive nature of harming the food chain by hunting species to extinction is a human vice, but the selfless protection of wildlife can be a human virtue. My job as an
artist is to represent and repair a failure to value what we have and to reflect about what we could lose. Irresponsibility and financial greed takes place in every human society. I see the human habitat as a fragile but balanced, and can can co-exist with wildlife habitat vice versa. But atm I feel that has been overlooked for generations.

I’m hoping to work with the David Shepherd Wildlife Fund Gallery in July to support intervention and protection of mammalian wildlife from the brutal unscrupulous poacher.


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