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Mobility of Line/Utility of Line – Exhibition and book launch ** 8 Mar – 9 Apr 2014 ** University of Brighton – Faculty of Arts

John Andrews, Duncan Bullen, Nat Chard, George Hardie, Antoni Malinowski, Jeffrey P. Turko, Ivana Wingham and The Drawing Research Interest Group (DRIG).

Line is the constitutive moment of every drawing and forms the core element of any design. It cannot be reduced to a purely linear system, but rather takes on complex and dynamic forms that attract the viewer in various ways, both consciously and suggestively. Whether analogue or digital, line is mobile because it unfolds on the surface: as a straight, snaking, zigzagging, bent, interrupted, or even invisible force. The book is a page for page celebration of the manifold aspects of line.

The common interest in the line’s utility underpins the DRIG. It is a notion debated and interpreted in a range ways: as an arts practice, a research method and as having multiple and cross-disciplinary applications. A cluster of research carried out by DRIG members investigates the relationships between drawing practices in different professions or in collaborative, cross-disciplinary education. This cluster has grown through a collaborative research relationship with the Brighton and Sussex Medical School and with medics and surgeons.

Curated by Duncan Bullen, Philippa Lyon and Ivana Wingham.

Private view : 7 March 2014

Exhibition : March – 9 April 2014

Opening hours: 10am-5pm Mon – Sat

University of Brighton Gallery
58-67 Grand Parade

via Mobility of Line/Utility of Line | March 2014 | University of Brighton – Faculty of Arts.

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