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Painter to Painter: Discussion Event ** 15 Feb 2014 ** Phoenix Brighton

Tom Banks, Canopy

Tom Banks, Canopy

To accompany the ’20 Painters’ exhibition at Phoenix Brighton (8 Feb – 30 Mar) Peter Ashton Jones, co-founder of Turps Banana magazine and art historian Peter Seddon lead a discussion with exhibiting artists focusing on contemporary painters and their ongoing practice and support networks that help them to survive and thrive.

Can artists learning from each other? Are artists generous with their knowledge, and do they naturally share information with each other; for example, regarding technique, source material, means of support, etc.

Are artists interested in each others work or are they so engaged with their own practice that they only seek out work similar to their own?

Do artists benefit from and seek out regular critique or feedback?

What is the ideal balance between the theory and practice of painting? How do the two relate to one another, and where should the emphasis lie?

Master and apprentice – this traditional way of learning has many merits; could there be a benefit in returning to this method?

Contemporary art schools were based on the Bauhaus ideology. The current Paul Klee exhibition reminds us of this strong theoretical approach, have we moved on at all from this?

Painter to Painter: Discussion Event

15 February 2014,  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Phoenix Brighton
10–14 Waterloo Place

For details about booking visit

For more information about the ’20 Painters’ exhibition visit:

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