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Review: Cave Painting at Fabrica with Tom Allen – Reflecting the collective unconsciousness of the local community

Tom Allen Fabrica 1

Tom Allen cave painting at Fabrica

24-01-14. Pictured: artist Thomas Allen working on his ‘cave painting’ at Fabrica’s  space in Brighton tonight, with two hours to go before he plans to finish the creation.

Thomas has been making an automatic, intuitive artwork with pastels and charcoal. He used drawings made by members of the public as a starting point. He says his work reflects the collective unconsciousness of the local community. He has been working this week in a peaceful, meditative atmosphere created by curtain erected in Fabrica’s spacious interior.

For more on Thomas’s work:

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Tom Allen Fabrica 2 Tom Allen Fabrica 3 Tom Allen Fabrica 4 Tom Allen Fabrica 5

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