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Public sculpture revival plans for Hove seafront – Hove Plinth has been licensed by Brighton and Hove City Council

Plans make Hove into a centre of revival of public sculpture are closer to reality, now that licence to install a plinth for a changing exhibition of statues on the seafront promenade has been agreed between the Brighton & Hove City Council and Hove Civic Society, on 4 November 2013.

Proposed Hove Plinth

Hove Civic Society’s plan is to install a specially commissioned ‘Hove Plinth’ of ‘appropriate architectural quality’ on the King’s Esplanade, which will be used for ongoing temporary displays of sculptures. The works will be sourced through loans from major sculpture foundations, collaboration with local arts and heritage organisations and specially commissioned work.

Trafalgar Square 4th plinth

The plan is inspired by the a revival of public sculpture in the UK and beyond and from the hugely successful ‘Fourth Plinth’ in Trafalgar Square. Key aims are:

To put Hove on the sculpture map with world class cultural attractions
To link heritage with contemporary works of art
To celebrate local artistic excellence
To contribute to the city’s cultural calendar.

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