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The Triptych Exhibition •• Naked Eye •• 16 Nov – 1 Dec 2013


The ‘Triptych’ Exhibition

The Naked Eye Gallery is proud to present ‘Triptych’, an exhibition of drawing, embroidery and ceramics by three local artists: Ian Hodgson, James Hunting and James Fenner. All three are highly regarded in their respective fields. Ian Hodgson recently won the coveted Finest Drawing prize in the National Open Art Competition, James Hunting taught the only embroidery course in the country validated by the University for the Creative Arts and James Fenner’s ceramic creations are highly sought after.

Each of the artists has a personal visual language and style that characterises their work and makes it unique.

Hodgson’s work encourages the viewer to interpret the pieces in their own way and he finds the process of drawing provides his inspiration. Examining how identity is imprinted with memories connected to place, objects and relationships creates a framework for the drawings to develop. In some works architecture is the defining presence, whereas in others figures or objects in habit the space but all refer to the transformative process of journey.

Fenner and Hunting are both concerned with understanding the human condition and reflecting upon the artist’s and the viewer’s private world. The ceramic figures of Fenner are sometimes androgynous in appearance and their subtle expressions reflect a private state that verbal language cannot convey. He hopes to engage the viewer in a deeply personal and private experience with the intimately small scaled figures. Hunting’s exquisite embroideries are inspired by life, love and desire, and reflect the idea that the desire to understand and the ability to dream enables us to become sentient creative beings, passionate and knowledgeable about the human condition.

Open 16th November until 1st of December, 10-6, closed Tuesdays.

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via Events.

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